Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mobile Updates: Pokemon Go and Miitomo

Episode 53: The fall-time fifty-third episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! This week we discuss the latest updates to Nintendo's leading mobile titles, Pokemon Go and Miitomo!
  • Pokemon Go has added dailies! You can get a "First Catch of the Day" and a "First PokeStop of the Day" bonus, and build a streak over seven days (confirmed) and possibly over a month as well (still a rumor, but you might as well try it!). We also speculate about changes in Pokemon appearance rates, egg drop rates, and PokeStop item drop rates!
  • Miz Sylver reviews some of the upcoming metagame changes in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The new game sees a lot of changes in movesets, move stats like Power and PP, and hidden abilities too. (And we can't help but talk about Snorlax and awesome Z Moves!)
  • Miitomo has just had a huge update! There's a lot of new features, from small things like a new icon, to big things like sidekick Miis, and a lot of promos to celebrate them!
    • You can decorate your "room" now. Right now it's mainly flooring and wallpaper. You can get them through new furniture drops, and there's a lot of promo items. You can also do posters! You get one poster spot for free, the rest cost 99 cents a piece! You can choose your poster from your MiiFotos.
    • Answer Central and Style Central remind us of the Everybody Votes Channel! You can answer Answer Central questions and see answers from people all over the world! You can submit your outfits to Style Central and view other people's submissions from around the world, too!
    • Sideckick Miis are new! You can create additional Miis that you can dress up, put in Miifotos, appear in Style Central for you, and send Messages for you. You can scan Miis using QR codes!
    • Speaking of messages, you can now directly message your friends. Your character will send a private message to your friends. You can send one of your sidekicks, too!
  • We're going to this coming week's Boston VR Meetup featuring Qualcomm and Michelle Osorio! (Tuesday November 15, starting at 6pm at Laugh Boston.) Maybe we will see you there?

Thanks for listening! If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear from you. Are you going to the Boston VR meetup? Did you successfully score and NES Classic and an extra controller? Have you hatched a Jynx out of a 10 km egg, and cursed the day it was born? Tweet, email, or comment on the blog or Facebook to let us know!

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