Monday, February 17, 2020

Pre-PAX Pokemon

Episode 176: the sensational hundred and seventy-sixth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast!

Pokémon GO is filled with new stuff! The Valentines event with Pink Pokemon is going on until tonight. Tickets are now live for the Liverpool Safari Zone, which is happening Friday, April 17, to Sunday, April 19, 2020. The February Community Day Pokemon is Rhyhorn! It's happening Saturday, February 22, 2020. Pokemon Day is February 27! The in-game event is February 25, 2020, to Monday, March 2, 2020. There will be more party hats and armored Mewtwo strikes back in five-star raids! Clone Pokemon will be appearing too! Sunday, March 1, 2020, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time is a Raid Day featuring Nidorino and Gengar wearing party hats! And, there are more February events than that! Including: a special friendship weekend event - Friday, February 21, 2020, to Monday, February 24, 2020, Tornadus in five-star raids through Tuesday, February 25, 2020, Woobat with bonus Woobat Candies February Research Breakthrough, and you can save Shadow Raikou from Giovanni!

Pokémon Home is here! Check out this Transfer Chart by PatStef.

Team Up with Professor Oak & Mew and Steven & Metagross in Pokémon Masters

Hot on the heels of Funko's popular A Day with Pikachu collection comes An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends Funko figures. The first figure is available on February 18, 2020.

It’s back! Giant Mareep plush!

Pac-Man Tamogotchi for 40th Anniversary releases March 15th!

We are getting ready for PAX East, happening Feb 27-Mar 1! Friend of the show Kelsey from Pink Gorilla Games was in Not for Resale, which is showing at Friday night at 8 PM! Miz Sylver regrets that she will not be playing in the Monster Hunter World Iceborne USA Championship at Royale on Saturday February 29th. You should enter! And of course, our events are happening too! The Nintendo Feud Team Bowser vs Team Isabelle is happening Saturday 7:30 pm in the Arachnid Theatre. The I Choose You Adventure is happening Sunday at 1:30 pm in the Dragonfly Theatre!

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Friday, January 31, 2020

February Battles

Episode 175: the sassy hundred and seventy-fifth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! This week we talk news!

The Pokémon GO Battle League is in the pre-season!

Pokémon HOME is coming!

Get Zinnia & Rayquaza, Kukui & Lycanroc, and Leaf & Eevee in Pokémon Masters!

Solgaleo and Lunala on the Pokemon TV app!

Pokémon Skateboards designed by Bear Walker master craftsman of skateboards.

Byleth is now in Smash! The Fighters Pass Vol. 2 is available to pre-order. And... If you have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can download the Spirit Booster Bundle for a limited time - 3000 spirit points, 100 small snacks, 30 medium snacks, 5 large snacks - in the eShop!

Tetris 99 Maximus Cup Lunar New Year Point Stacking Challenge is going on!


Smite has a new battle pass, Enchanted Chronicles!

Mortal Kombat!!!

Miz Sylver recaps her PAX South! Thanks to Kait! . Highlights include: Klask, Pistol Whip, Haunted Halloween 85 and 86 NES, Mother to Earth (a documentary on Earthbound!), Ultrabugs, The Artful Escape and Wattam, Blaster Master Zero II, Ultra Dolphin Revolution Games including Cow Level Immobile , Freedom Planet & Petal Crasher, True Dungeon, A Legendary Nightmare: What It Takes to Capture All Of Pokemon's Most Powerful Creatures...

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Stephen Strife Saves Sprites

Episode 174: the sonic-inspired hundred and seventy-fourth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! Tonight, we have a special guest... Stephen Strife DiDuro, the creator of Freedom Planet, the head of GalaxyTrail Games, and huge Poke-fan! We talk about GalaxyTrail's upcoming titles, Freedom Planet 2 and Petal Crashers, how Stephen started making games, and how cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are! Check out trailers for the two upcoming games below, followed by a tweets from the GalaxyTrail family!

Nefarious is not a GalaxyTrail game, but Stephen gives it a shout out!

Slowpoke break!

We also talk news:

Piplup Pokémon GO Community Day was good, but February's community day will be users choice! Everybody Votes by completing research tasks on Saturday February 1st!

Did you catch lots of Pokemon with Hats?

Pokémon GO Lunar New Year Event is on until February 3, and it features Darumaka! And... Minccino Limited Research February 2, 2020, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in your local time.

Special events are coming to Pokemon GO! The Taiwan Lantern Festival is happening in Taichung City, Taiwan, from Thursday, February 6, to Sunday, February 9, 2020. The very first Safari Zone event of the year will take place in the Tower Grove Park of St. Louis, Missouri, from Friday, March 27, to Sunday, March 29, 2020. The UK's first-ever Safari Zone will be taking place in Liverpool's 235-acre Sefton Park from Friday, April 17, to Sunday, April 19, 2020.

More Unova pokes are here! So is Trade evolution!

The Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass is coming!

London will host the 2020 Pokemon Worlds on August 14-16!

Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution debuts on Netflix on Pokémon Day, February 27, 2020.

Look at this upset Detective Pikachu plush!

Pokemon Twilight Wings is here!

Miz Sylver explains how to get the latest Rocket League Twitch Prime goodies!

It's Overwatch Lunar New Year!

View this post on Instagram

*NO PHOTOSHOOT PRODUCTION WAS REQUIRED IN THE MAKING OF THIS ISSUE A preview of the January 2020 Vogue Italia Special Issue on newsstands January 7th @Yoshitaka_Amano featuring @LindseyWixson in @Gucci Cover 5 of 7 *** "All of the covers, as well as the features of our January issue, have been drawn by artists, ranging from well-known art icons and emerging talents to comic book legends, who have created without travelling, shipping entire wardrobes of clothes or polluting in any way. The challenge was to prove it is possible to show clothes without photographing them. This is a first, Vogue Italia has never had an illustrated cover: and as far as I know no issue of Vogue in which photography is not the primary visual medium has ever been printed. Thanks to this idea, and to these artists' process, the money saved in the production of this issue will go towards financing a project that really deserves it: the restoration of @FondazioneQueriniStampalia in Venice, severely damaged by the recent floods.” @efarneti See more via link in bio. Full credits: #LindseyWixson @thesocietynyc Editor in chief @efarneti Creative director @ferdinandoverderi Fashion @franragazzi @robertaninapinna Casting directors @pg_dmcasting @samuel_ellis @ DM Fashion Studio #VogueValues

A post shared by Vogue Italia (@vogueitalia) on

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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy Unova Year!

Episode 173: the silly hundred and seventy-third episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! Today we talk news!

Pokémon GO has a new splash screen! January will be full of events. Community Day is Sunday, January 19th. In addition:
  • More Team GO Rocket Special Research!
  • January Research Breakthrough encounter: Lapras that know Ice Shard and Ice Beam
  • The egg-citing Adventure Sync Hatchathon is back - Thursday, January 2, 2020 to Thursday, January 16. You can also find and hatch Pokémon wearing party hats!
  • Heatran blazes back into raids Tuesday, January 7, 2020 to Tuesday, February 4, 2020.
  • New Unova Pokemon are coming!

We talk about Buddy Mode. Miz Sylver gets gifts from her Rayquaza!

Pokémon Sword & Shield is constantly having special events. This Magikarp one just wrapped up, but pay attention to your in-game news and the PlayPokemon Twitter to stay in the know!

Also in Sword and Shield, Special Distribution Gifts! Be careful with these codes, there's a lot of zeros and ones!
  • Item Set Gift: Heavy Ball, Lure Ball, Beast Ball: 1YAHAYA
  • Item Set Gift: Fast Ball, Moon Ball, Level Ball: K0UN1NMASC0T
  • 10 Luxury Balls: PRESENT
  • 10 Dive Balls: 0T0SH1DAMA

Pokémon Masters how has Mission Bingo. Solgaleo is coming!

Pokémon on TV! The Power of Us is now on Netflix! Diamond and Pearl episodes from BP Battle Dimension are on the Pokemon TV app!

Have you been watching The Witcher? The TV show started Dec 20th on Netflix.

Exclusive My Nintendo Gear is available online!

PAX South Survey! Team Zelda vs Team Meowth! The game show will be on Saturday, January 18th at 8:30pm in the Cactus Theater. Learn more about the panel on the official PAX South website.

Happy New Year! And happy upcoming Lunar New Year! It's Year of the Rattata!

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Maranda the Marauder

Episode 172: The serious hundred and seventy-second episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! Tonight, we have a special guest! The hilarious Matt Maranda joins us tonight to talk about his latest excitement at PAX Unplugged, repping for Pelgrane Press, the publisher of 13th Age, Gumshoe, Cthulhu Confidential, Ashen Stars, and TimeWatch! He tells us about the games he played in his free time at the Con, including Honey Heist! We talk about Action Cats, First Quest, the Gamer Assembly and Gamer Assembly publications, Reaper Miniatures, his blog, which he plans on picking up more this year, and Aboleths.

We also talk news!

Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure is happening now! Check out the 2019 Year in Review! The next community day on January 19th will have different times in different hemispheres!

PowerA Controllers has some really great Pokemon Designs. There are ones for the original starters and the new generation's starters, along with many more Pokemon designs!

Play the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event until January 2nd.

They've just started announcing the comics for Free Comic Book Day, which is on May 2nd, 2020.

PAX South is happening January 17th - 19th. There's a lot of good panels! Miz Sylver is one of the hosts of Nintendo Feud: Team Zelda vs Team Meowth, but she also wanted to highlight some excellent sounding panels: Zelda Universe Presents: A Musical History of Zelda, and What the Heck is Mr. Mime? A New Phylogeny of Pokémon!

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

December to PokeRemember

Episode 171: the happy hundred and seventy-first episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! So much news!

Pokémon GO Community Day at Night Weekend is today and tomorrow the 15th, 9 am to 9pm your local time. And the winter events continue on, with:
  • New special research with Giovanni and Shadow Zapdos: A Challenging Development.
  • Different Pokémon will be hatching from Eggs starting on Monday, December 16, 2019.
  • Virizion glides into five-star raids on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 until Tuesday, January 7, 2020.
  • Lugia and Ho-Oh Special Raid Weekend is December 20, 2019 to Monday, December 23, 2019.

And then, Pokémon GO Holidays 2019 is happening Tuesday, December 24, 2019 to Wednesday, January 1, 2020.
  • Catch Pikachu, Raichu, and Pichu wearing beanies and Stantler wearing bells!
  • Cubchoo, the Chill Pokémon will debut!
  • Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Vulpix, Pichu wearing beanies, and Stantler wearing bells will be hatching from 7 km Eggs!
  • Raichu wearing beanies and Stantler wearing bells will be available to challenge in two-star raids!
  • Throw a Glacial Lure Module onto a PokéStop near you, and you’ll have a chance of encountering Cryogonal, the Crystallizing Pokémon, making its Pokémon GO debut!
  • Enjoy event-exclusive Field Research tasks that will reward you with the chance to encounter Pokémon like Pikachu wearing beanies!
  • New Shadow Pokémon, including Delibird, into Shadow Pokémon!
  • Shiny Stantler wearing bells and Shiny Snover!
  • Stantler Sweater, Stantler Headband, and a Beanie Hat avatar items!
  • Open twice as many Gifts each day and carry twice as many Gifts
  • Receive one single-use Incubator at no cost once per day during the event by spinning a Photo Disc on a PokéStop.

And, warm up with a special winter weekend event! - Saturday, December 28, 2019, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in your local time zone, with two-hour Glacial Lure Module duration which will allow you to evolve a Glaceon with Last Resort. Regice will return to raids, and you will get up to two additional free Raid Passes!

More changes are happening in Pokemon GO. Pokemon will appear more in less dense areas, in part due to the Wayfarer program that lets Pokémon GO Trainers to review nominations for PokéStops and Gyms. Also, there are updates to the battle system including new moves ahead of the new Go Battle League.

Pokémon Masters has a Holiday Theme and new music, and new sync pairs of Siebold dressed for hospitality with his octillery, and Rosa with Delibird. Don't forget to finish challenging Giovonni by December 19th!

If you got a Black Friday Pokéball Plus like Miz Sylver, you can use it to get Mew in Pokémon Sword and Shield! Remember to Surprise Trade on Christmas!

Pokémon: Twilight Wings, a Galar Region Short Animated Series, is debuting in January 2020 on the Pokemon YouTube Channel.

Nintendo Indie World Presentation featured some cool games!

The Game Awards Winners have been announced! The show also featured a lot of cool performances and trailers!

Tetris 99 has had a lot going on, including a Team Battle Update and the 10th Maximus Cup!

Indy Gaming League Circuit is having a Killer Queen Competition! Sign up by December 30th.

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland is on until January 2nd.

Smite has new official and unofficial clothing! New design competition, with a Birthday theme! Submit by February 21st!

Speaking of cool clothing, check out the Danielle Nicole x Nintendo collection.

And finally, if you are in the Boston/New England area, StreetPass Boston is having a Round1 Holiday Miitup on December 28 at Round1 in Taunton!

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

December Evolution Event

Episode 170: the super-duper hundred and seventieth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast!

In Pokemon Go, the Evolution Event is happening until Thursday, December 12, 2019. If you’re lucky, you may encounter a Shiny Burmy!

In Pokemon Masters, Giovanni and Mewtwo are here! Miz Sylver finally summoned Grimsley with his Liepard!

The final year of Pikachu figure, ‘Ringing In the Fun’, from Funko is now at the Pokémon Center.

The 2020 Pokémon Video Game Championships (VGC) Format Rules have been announced. This year's rules feature Pokémon Sword & Shield doubles battles!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl episodes have been added to Pokemon TV.

The Super Mario Maker 2 Update added a lot of cool stuff... including a bunch of Legend of Zelda items like the Master Sword! Don't forget the new Ninji Speedruns - collect stamps to get Maker outfits and more!

Enter the Nintendo Happy Holidays Sweepstakes daily through December 14.

Check out the new red Mario Switch pack. (With Bowser of course!)

Shout out to all the peeps at PAX Unplugged! Check out the Merch sheet here, and all the Pinny Arcade Pin Quest pins here!

Round1 Japan hosted their 2019 DDR championships yesterday. Check out the stream below!

Thanks for listening! If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear from you. Tweet, email, or comment on the blog or Facebook to let us know!

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