Saturday, February 18, 2017

Johto Joins Pokemon GO!

Episode 64: The stunning sixty-fourth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! Miz Sylver is a special guest at Genghis Con! She's having an awesome time! She played some Lucha Libre Hero as run by Robert Dorf, tried Jubeat, and buzzed through the board game room. Did you hear that Monopoly is retiring the Thimble?

PAX East is sneaking up on us! Make sure you fill out Miz Sylver's StreetPass Game Show Survey! Not only can you be one of the people surveyed for the "Survey Says" answers, you can enter to win a spot on the show! The show is happening Friday March 10th, in the morning at 10:30, in the Bumblebee Theater. Our podcasting panel is happening on Saturday March 11th, at 8pm, in the Arachnid Theater.

And now for our Pokemon news! Pokemon Shuffle is having its 2 year anniversary, celebrating with in-game give-aways! As usual, there are events in Pokemon Sun and Moon! The third global mission in Sun and Moon was a success! The next Global Mission starts February 28th... There's a promotion now at GameStop giving away a card with a code for a silver Bottle Cap, and they have purchase bonuses for the Pokemon TCG.

And of course, the big news of the week!!! Pokemon GO has busted out with a huge new release, which has gotten more people back into the game! Generation 2 Pokemon from Gold and Silver have finally started spawning, after the tease of Gen 2 babies hatching from eggs! They've introduced a slew of other new features, including new berries, new evolution items that you will get randomly from pokestops, new clothes (some free, some that cost pokecoins), gender specific pokemon, new encounter mechanics, new candy bonuses, and more... If this has you excited, pokemon storage space is on sale in the game at half price (50 more slots for 100 pokecoins, down from 200). Are you still playing Pokemon GO? If so, we have a question for you!!!

Thanks for listening! If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear from you. Are you going to PAX East? What's your favorite Gen 2 Pokemon? Name a button on a controller! Tweet, email, or comment on the blog or Facebook to let us know!

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