Saturday, January 6, 2018

LAN Party with Sam Elizondo of LFG CyberCafe

Episode 101: the hundred and first episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! Tonight, we have a special guest, Sam Elizondo of LFG CyberCafe, San Antonio's latest gaming sensation! They have great PCs, HTC Vives, space for you to bring your own rig, and real snacks! They host tournaments every weekend, are open for casual gaming, and are available for special gatherings. Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter. Sam tells us how LFG CyberCafe came into being, explains the day to day of the store, talks gaming in general (and gives a shout out to Meeples Weekly), and gives real talk advice! And yes, this is a real place you can go when you are at PAX South! (Did we mention that Sam is on a panel with Miz Sylver? It's called "Esports are for Everyone" and is at 11:30 am - 12:30 pm on Saturday the 13th in the Bobcat Theatre.)

And then, we talk news:

Thanks for listening! If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear from you. Have you visited LFG CyberCafe? Do you bike and play Pokemon GO at the same time? Survey Says??? Tweet, email, or comment on the blog or Facebook to let us know!

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