Saturday, August 12, 2017

Anne Brown Loves Costumes!

Episode 85: The exquisite eighty-fifth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! Tonight, we have a special guest! Anne Brown is here to tell us about the awesomeness of the GenCon Costume Contest. GenCon is Thursday August 17 - Sunday August 20, in Indianapolis. The costume contest is Saturday, August 19, 2017 starting at 4pm in the 500 Ballroom of the Convention Center. This year's awesome judges will include Michelle Nephew of Atlas Games, the creator of Ren Faire and Witches of the Revolution, and DragonLance author Laura Hickman! Anne tells about her start at TSR, editing Dragon magazine, and then working on games like Spelljammer and Masque of the Red Death. Anne started running the GenCon Costume Contest in 1997, and has been loving it ever since. She's even run the costume contests at Star Wars Celebration for a few years, too! She gives us the details of the costume contest, including the appearances by the awesome entertainer The Great Luke Ski, the categories, some of the most memorable costumes through the years!

Anne Brown is also one of the authors of The Storyteller's Thesaurus, find it on Amazon!

After we lock Anne back in the closet, we talk news!

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  1. Anne does an absolutely amazing job running the GenCon Costume Contest. She is super patient, laid-back, and makes it look easy. She's the best!

    1. She's a Gen Con hero, it was so much fun having her on the show! :D

  2. Anne would be so happy to hear you say that... wait, she can! I have the power of e-mail! I can send this meowsage to her using the power of cat symbols!

    Thank you for listening!