Friday, August 12, 2016

Gen Con Highlights with Green Mario aka Greg Marks - Updated

Episode 40: The full-time fortieth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast! Tonight we have the return of celebrity DM and Wizards of the Coast Organized Play leader Greg Marks aka Skerrit the Green aka Green Mario. He's here to tell us about Gen Con 2016. He was there as a celebrity DM for D&D Adventurers League. (If you want to follow him on Twitter: ) The D&D Organized Play is run at Gen Con by Baldman Games, and Greg was recruited to run 8 adventures! Our discussion touches on the new game slot schedule, the impressive number of adventures being run at the Con, how he didn't make it to play Pathfinder with the Paizo folks, how he's excited for the Star Trek RPG, cosplay, Gen Con attendance, Robo Rally and so much more. (He also brags about his many podcast guest spots, like on the Down with D&D Podcast...) Greg has a lot of stuff going on right now:

Green Mario also recommends this Comic about IV's by Maphrox, despite the fact he's not playing! You can use an IV calculator such as this one from Poke Assistant to figure out your Pokemon's IVs in Pokemon GO!

  • This weekend is Boston Comic Con! August 12th - 14th, Seaport World Trade Center. William Shatner is going to be there! Friday is Family Friday with special kid focused events, including a Mini Putt Golf and Bean Bag Toss with Yoshi and Pikachu, happening 12-4 pm. Meet and Greet! Win Prizes!
  • There's full game demos of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, today, Friday, from 4-7 pm at select GameStops, including Leominster, MA and Concord, NH. If you make it up to Concord, you can hang out with Matt, one of the New England Nintendo reps!
  • TempleCon 16 is happening August 25-28, in Warwick, Rhode Island. Miz Sylver and the Wolf Doctor will be attending and running the Get Super Smashed Bros. Doubles tournament, and Miz Sylver will be DM'ing two D&D events!
  • Tacticon Colorado is happening September 1st - 4th at the Hotel Elegante Conference and Event Center, Colorado Springs, CO. Friend of the Podcast Mayhem's Muse organizes the con and invited Miz Sylver to attend as a special guest! Her event schedule will be posted soon!

Thanks for listening! If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear from you. Did you see Green Mario at Gen Con? Are you living it up at Boston Comic Con? Wanna Get Super Smashed Bros. with us at TempleCon? Tweet, email, or comment on the blog or Facebook to let us know!

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