Saturday, April 16, 2016

Blackbird Attic and Convention Madness with Green Mario

Episode 25: The trying twenty-fifth episode of the PokeProblemsPodcast. This week, Miz Sylver and The Wolf Doctor welcome back Dr. Greg Marks aka Skerrit the Green aka Green Mario as a guest. Visit Greg Marks' FaceBook page to see more about his convention schedule and Dungeon Masters Guild to buy his (and other awesome adventure authors') work. This week's episode is mostly about cons! We do talk a little about Pokemon Shuffle, and the new special stages this week, including a Zygarde 50% Forme escalation battle with a new "angry" mechanic for skipping stages, the Landorus Therian Forme great challenge, and the return of Manaphy. Miz Sylver and Skerrit review the cons they attended last weekend, the Midwest Gaming Classic and CODCon, respectively. Miz Sylver got to see the Nintendo Playstation prototype in person! Skerrit had a good time DM'ing D&D Adventurers League content. This season's content is set in Ravenloft, the domain of punishment. If you want to go there with Skerrit, here are some options! And much later this year,
  • Arcana Rising, November 2-6 at the Cherokee Ranch and Castle, Sedalia (Denver) Colorado. Both Skerrit and Miz Sylver are part of the celebrity Dungeon Master team at this super high quality exclusive convention, limited to 50 players, with all food, drink, and entertainment included, held in a frikkin' castle. Seriously. Look at the pictures on the webpage. Castle!
This upcoming weekend is PAX East, and both Miz Sylver and the Wolf Doctor will be attending. Miz Sylver is hosting a panel, How to StreetPass in amiiboHeaven Pt 2, on Friday, April 22, at 10:30am at PAX East... There are still chances to win tickets to PAX East, like this Tuesday at Good Life Bar in Boston at their Game Night starting at 7pm... If you aren't heading to PAX East (or even if you are and are still alive Sunday night), friend of the podcast Kristen Moura is headlining a show at Monroe in Cambridge at 6:15pm on April 24th.

Are you attending PAX East? Does all this talk of Ravenloft make you want to get swirled up in the mists? Tweet, email, or comment on the blog or Facebook to let us know. Please excuse the slight technical difficulties with the recording this week, we are working on improving our Skype game!

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